About Our Business


A mobile food trailer featuring Trailer Tastee's, Onion chips and dip.
Opened in October 2017, The Tastee Trailer is a fully self sufficient, state of the art concession trailer featuring Trailer Tastee's, Onion chips and hand crafted dip. We have re-introduced, redefined and modernized an iconic local establishment that closed it’s doors in 2014. With no affiliation to that establishment, our recipes, prep and flavor profile are different but similar to what many Nebraskan’s have come to love over the past forty years. Our direction is to offer foodies alike a squeaky clean, fun throw back eating experience that is second to none. We’re mobile and on the move so the best way to find us by texting the word TASTEE to 31996. You will get an auto text each time we add a location plus coupons, discounts and more. Don’t miss us!

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Recent Testimonials

I am SO looking forward to having a dedicated place to go get an old recipe sandwich, and chips I thought lost forever. It IS NOT BE THE ORIGINAL, but I am willing to give it a try!!

Tim Barkley Manager

Excitement is building.. I want my onion chips back and yummy sauce!!

Lisa Whistler Consultant

Can hardly wait! Looking forward to trying your Tastees!

Mr. John Anderson Designer